Doodles, sketches and drawings (Oh yeah, and Joe's story.)

How Joe got what he wanted for his retirement.

Joe is 50 and his wife, Joanne, is 45. They live in England and they'd like to retire comfortably in five years time.
They've been sensible over the years and saved for their pension and by July 2008 they had a pension fund of £150,000.
Then came the crash of Autumn 2008 and the value of the fund was slashed to £80,000.
It's recovered a little since, but only to £90,000.
Joe took a look at the Government's website, see how much pension he would get if he retired as planned at age 55.
See how much Joe will get from his current pension
To drown his sorrows Joe went to the pub (while he could still afford it) and bumped into Harry.
At first it didn't help that Harry was so chirpy, he'd just got back from The Bahamas where he's had a great time fishing and sailing and relaxing. Joe asked him how he could afford such holidays and still provide for his pension, only to be told by Harry that,
"The Bahamas is my pension."
...... Read about, Joe and Harry's conversation in the pub

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